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Position is currently available for the 2023-2024 school year. Please see main page for information.


Grade 6

The Water Cycle, Metrics, Scientific Method, Dinosaurs, Intro to Chemistry, Air Pressure and Flight, Forces and Motion, and Electricity.  

Grades 7 & 8

The 7th and 8th grade Curriculum follows a two year cycle to cover all the Minnesota Standards for both grades.


Year 1 Life Science

  • Living Things in the Biosphere

  • The Cell System

  • Human Body Systems

  • Reproduction and Growth

  • Ecosystems

  • Populations, Communities, and Ecosystems

  • Genes and Heredity

  • Natural Selection and Change Over Time


Year 2 Earth Science

  • Introduction to Earth’s Systems

  • Weather in the Atmosphere

  • Minerals and Rocks in the Geosphere

  • Plate Tectonics

  • Earth’s Surface Systems

  • Distribution of Natural Resources

  • Human Impacts on the Environment

  • History of the Earth

  • Energy in the Atmosphere and Ocean

  • Climate

  • Solar System and the Universe

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