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Mr. Norm Pollock


Mr. Pollock lives in Little Falls, MN with his wife and three daughters. His interests are computers, Twins baseball, Vikings football, disc golf, guitar, swimming, and fishing.

Mr. Pollock teaches middle school STEM.


8th Grade

History Day presentation

  • Create a documentary or website alone or with a partner (student choice)

  • Choose a topic based on annual theme

  • Work with teacher and an expert from the Minnesota Historical Society to complete project

  • Learn computer research skills and where to find reliable sources

  • Use Language Arts skills to write a script, process paper, and bibliography

  • Learn to differentiate between primary and secondary sources, and how to site them

  • Conduct interviews (with people involved in the event, authors, professors, etc.)

  • Present projects on a college campus at the regional event for a chance to advance to state competition



Haiku Deck



Google Docs

Google Slides


Practice for NWEA tests

Reinforce concepts for core classes (examples include typing assignments for Language Arts and using the Ilike2learn site to study geography for Social Studies)

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