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What is Scrip?
Scrip is a real and negotiable gift card from one of the participating merchants. Mary of Lourdes is able to purchase the gift cards at a discounted price. We will sell them to you for full face value. You then can use those gift certificates to buy normal everyday items...items you would purchase those stores. Mary of Lourdes keeps the discount amount as an ongoing source of money.

How Do I Participate?
There are three options available to purchase Scrip:

1. Complete a Scrip Order Form. A link to print the Scrip Order Form has been provided below. Drop off the form and payment at school or send with your child. Order forms must be in the school office by 8:30 Monday and the Scrip is available to pick up by noon the following Monday.

2. Purchase Scrip at either the elementary or middle school office Monday - Friday.

3. Purchase Scrip after weekend Masses at St. Mary’s, Our Lady of Lourdes or Belle Prairie Church.

4. For large orders or special orders, please contact Jamie Sunder in the middle school office at (320)632-6742 or

Scrip Tuition Policy
1.) Anyone may purchase Scrip and 50% of the profit of what is bought will be
applied to the tuition of a specific family.

2.) Scrip can only be accumulated to pay towards your K-8th grade tuition; credits are pulled twice a year.
Additional money can not be accumulated past one year. If a family
accumulates more Scrip then their tuition costs, the additional Scrip funds
would be pooled into a Scholarship tuition Fund and/or general fund. A
purchaser may designate where his/her credit should be applied, either to a
specific family or scholarship fund. Final distribution of these profits is
determined by the School Board, based on needs of the school.

3.) The timeframe for parents and parishioners to utilize Scrip during a fiscal year
is from January 1 - June 30 & July 1 - Dec. 31.

4.) In order for a family to receive tuition credit, the Scrip purchase form must be
completed in its entirety. If this is not done, no credit will be received. Purchasers are responsible for accuracy.


What's New.....


In addition to our "Shop with Scrip" app, we are excited to share that there is a new "ship to home" feature! You will now have the opportunity to order scrip online in the new RaiseRight mobile app and have your order shipped to your home. You will still need to process local orders and some of the not so common brands through our offices, but there will be over 100 of the most popular brands available to order online and have shipped to your front door! In order to place your order online and shipped to your home, you will be required to activate an account so you can pay online using either your bank account or credit card, and you will be charged a minimal delivery fee for delivery to your home. We will be posting new details and information as we receive them. Please feel free to check out this link for more information.

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