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Adult Fellowship

Health/P.E. Class

Mr. Robin Pohlman


My wife, Sara,  and I have lived in Little Falls since 1998. I am the proud father of  2 daughters; Kendra - who was recently married, and Kylie - who recently opened her own salon in Fargo. This is my 21st year at MOL and 6th year teaching PE. I teach K-8 PE, 7th grade Health, and 5th grade Math, so my days are very busy. With my current position, I really enjoy watching the students grow from tiny little Kindergarteners all the way up to 8th grade. It is a truly neat perspective that I am blessed with. I get to hear the stories and “jokes”  from the young ones and help with more meaningful situations as they get older. 


In my spare time and summers, I enjoy time on the pontoon. We like to try out different lakes and relax on the water. I am also an avid disc golfer and have been involved in the design of 3 local courses. I enjoy watching sports and am a long-suffering Minnesota sports fan waiting for the day we can celebrate another championship of some kind!


Physical Education - Grades 5-8

- Improving throwing and catching skills, fair gameplay(sportsmanship), teamwork and understanding/learning strategy,     

  responsibility, personal fitness habits for life, exercise routines, racquet sports and lifelong learning of sports and activities

Health - Grade 7 

- Understand health promotion and disease prevention

- Recognize how culture, media and technology influences health behavior

- Be able to access health information and promotion products

- Use communication skills to enhance, avoid, and reduce health risks

- Learn decision making skills regarding personal health 

- Set goals for personal health

- Advocate for personal, family, and community health

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