Mr. Greg Emerson

6th - 8th Grade


Hello MOL families,

My name is Mr. Greg Emerson, and I have returned after a 3 year teaching experience at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Grade School in Avondale, Arizona.  I was teaching math to grades 6-8, the same as I had done at MOLMS for the 22 years prior to my departure. As I return to MOLS, I come with some new experiences and a greater love for a smaller town and school than ever before.  While at STA,  I was able to teach to an entire class, as well as small pull-out groups of 4-6 student’s in both an enrichment setting, as well as groups that may have needed extra help and attention.

I have also returned to be closer to my family, as my wife Kim and I are now grandparents as well.  Kim has taken a position as an RN in Crosby, while Kaitlyn lives and works in Brainerd for Culligan, and Arielle just graduated from University of Minnesota-Duluth and works in Duluth.

I am thankful to have the opportunity to come back to where I spent the best 22 years of my life teaching and I can’t wait to renew old friendships and meet new families and students and give them a great experience in the best subject out there...MATH!!


6th Grade

Students review basic arithmetic of whole numbers, decimals, fractions, and mixed numbers before being introduced to integers solving equations in the late fall.  In the winter we cover topics from ratios and proportions to percentages and consumer math.  We finish the year with probability and geometry.


7th Grade

Students review and dig a little deeper into sixth grade skills before moving into a Pre-Algebra curriculum. Much of the fall is solidifying arithmetic with integers and solving equations and inequalities.  New topics in seventh grade include linear functions, laws of exponents, and polynomials.


8th Grade

Students focus on Pre-Algebra skills before moving onto Algebra topics.  Students solve multi-step equations and inequalities and study different forms of linear equations before being introduced to systems of equations and quadratics. In the spring, students reinforce their knowledge of polynomials and are introduced to radicals.