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I am Natalie Hoff and I am the math teacher at MOLMS for grades 6-8. This is my second year working at MOLMS, and my seventh year teaching overall. I am super happy and love working here because my team members make me feel valued and appreciated. The students at MOLMS also make me laugh every day and love coming into my classroom as much as I love to see them walk into my classroom. They give me their best efforts every day and I truly appreciate it. Something about me, if you ask my students or the staff, what makes me unique is that I have a stuffed animal/rubber duck collection of 270 ducks! The students love watching it grow and sharing any ducks they find to add to the collection, as well as naming them. In addition to that, I am also married to my husband Brenton. We have two kids Amelia (4) and Emmet (2).


6th Grade

Students review basic arithmetic of whole numbers, decimals, fractions, and mixed numbers before being introduced to integers solving equations in the late fall.  In the winter we cover topics from ratios and proportions to percentages and consumer math.  We finish the year with probability and geometry.


7th Grade

Students review and dig a little deeper into sixth grade skills before moving into a Pre-Algebra curriculum. Much of the fall is solidifying arithmetic with integers and solving equations and inequalities.  New topics in seventh grade include linear functions, laws of exponents, and polynomials.


8th Grade

Students focus on Pre-Algebra skills before moving onto Algebra topics.  Students solve multi-step equations and inequalities and study different forms of linear equations before being introduced to systems of equations and quadratics. In the spring, students reinforce their knowledge of polynomials and are introduced to radicals.

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