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MOL School Information 

Our Mission Statement

Mary of Lourdes School is dedicated to excellence in education by focusing on the whole person; integrating learning with faith and faith with daily life.

Our Vision

To cultivate learning through dedication to high academic standards while nurturing each student both personally and spiritually.  


We strive for excellence in education along with our commitment to nurture spiritual growth within the framework of the Gospel and the Tradition of the Catholic Church in every student.  In educating the whole person, Mary of Lourdes School provides creative and innovative learning experiences that address a variety of learning styles to achieve academic excellence.  We work collaboratively among students, parents, and school staff to help the student discover and develop their God given talents and strengths by instilling a lifelong commitment to learning, Christian values, and community service through prayer, sacraments, and instruction in our Catholic Faith.

About Mary of Lourdes School

Mary of Lourdes School is a Christian community in which we support each other in our spiritual growth. Each person possesses the potential to contribute to the church, local and world communities. As we grow in faith and love, we are ready to give witness and respond to Christ’s call. We respond to this call by educating the whole child (mind, body and soul) in an atmosphere in which each child feels accepted, safe and important. To achieve academic excellence, we provide creative and innovative learning experiences that address the variety of learning styles. We work to help the child discover and develop their God-given talents and strengths. We are members of the body of Christ and recognize the need to work together and utilize the gifts, talents, and knowledge of our community (parents, parish and local) in order to carry forth Christ’s message to the global community.

Mary of Lourdes School is the school of choice in the Little Falls area that enables its students to become engaged Catholic scholars.


Mary of Lourdes School combines an atmosphere of higher academic standards with daily teachings in the Roman Catholic faith so students can integrate this faith into their daily lives.  Learn more about Mary of Lourdes School by visiting the Private School Review.


Our History

  • 1867 St. Aloysius (St. Mary’s) School was founded in Little Falls.

  • 1919 Our Lady of Lourdes School opened in the Antler Hotel.

  • 1993 Mary of Lourdes School opened along with a preschool program.

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