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Physical Education

Mr. Robin Pohlman


I began teaching in Bainville, Montana in 1993 and have taught in all 3 Elementary schools in the Little Falls district.  I taught 5th grade at MOLMS for 12 years and Social Studies for 3 years as well. I began teaching K-8 P.E. at MOL in 2018.  I have taken the chance at changing things a bit for the PE classes and adding a few new games and activities.  

I am married to my wife, Sara, and have two daughters, Kendra and Kylie.


Grades K-2

Work on large motor skills - running, skipping, hopping, throwing and catching skills with different objects, kicking skills, understanding game concepts and rules, tag games, running and playing under control.


Grades 3-4

Improving throwing and catching skills, fair gameplay(sportsmanship), teamwork and understanding/learning strategy, understanding lifetime fitness and its importance

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