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Ms. Brenda Przybilla


My name is Brenda Przybilla.  I am the librarian at Mary of Lourdes School.   This is my 8th school year at MOL.   Previous to this I was the Director of Faith Formation for St Mary’s Parish for 11 years.  I also taught Early Childhood Family Education for many, many years.   Being the librarian at Mary of Lourdes School is a very enjoyable and rewarding teaching position. I love teaching in a Catholic school where I am able to pray and share my faith with the children through all aspects of our time together.  Helping children find a book that is a good fit for them, reading treasured stories aloud to a class, and seeing and hearing the excitement and pleasure that is derived from a book, are some of my favorite parts of being the librarian at Mary of Lourdes School.   When I am not at school I enjoy caring for my vegetable and flower gardens, bicycling, hiking in my woods, spending time with family and friends, playing a game of Scrabble and reading a good book on my porch. 


Children in grades K-4 come to the library with their class several times each week.  During our time together children are introduced to a variety of book genre and are given instruction on how to locate library material using the Dewey Decimal System.  Children are taught strategies to use for selecting books that are appropriate for their interest and reading level. There is time for children to sit back and enjoy listening to a read aloud, choose and check out books of their choice and have some independent reading time.  
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