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3rd Grade

Mrs. Laureen Witt


My name is Laureen Witt.  I have been teaching at Mary of Lourdes since 1989.  I teach third grade math, religion, art, science, social, reading, writing, and spelling.  


I was blessed to attend a Catholic elementary school, and by second grade I dreamed of growing up to teach children about their faith and the world. After I graduated from SCSU my dream came true as I began my teaching career here in Little Falls.  

It is such a pleasure to see my students grow in their skills and knowledge each year.  It is also very fulfilling to see them embrace and grow in their faith.  I feel that Mary of Lourdes School provides a nurturing environment and through the K-8 experience offers a solid foundation for students to go on to be amazing scholars for life.  


My husband Ron and I are proud parents of three young men, Ben, Jordan, and Logan.  Each of them attended Mary of Lourdes. They have fond memories and a deep appreciation of their educational experience at Mary of Lourdes School.  




-Mass preparation, Bible reading, saints, prayers, feasts, seasons, Religion book.



-Creating projects with a variety of mediums.


Language Arts:

-Literature, composition, grammar, spelling, cursive handwriting, computer skills.



-Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, graphs, probability, measurement, geometry, fractions.



-Butterfly unit, life cycles, living things, planets and space, heat, light, and sound, simple machines .

Social Studies:

-Communities, citizenship, government, economics, landforms and water bodies, history, current events, Scholastic News.

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