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2nd Grade


Mrs. Elizabeth Czech

My name is Liz Czech, and I have been teaching at Mary of Lourdes Elementary School since the fall of 2002.   In my first year I taught 1st grade. The next fall I began teaching 2nd grade until 2019 when I was able to teach 3rd and 4th grade reading and math. I believe that children are a gift and possess different talents and capabilities. 

I believe each student learns in their own way and style. In my classroom students are in a safe and nurturing environment where each of them will experience success and progress.  It is my goal to help encourage my students to look beyond the four walls of our classroom and view the world around them as a place of learning and discovery.


It is my philosophy to teach from the heart while allowing students to discover their own abilities to be a lifelong learner and positive leader in our school community.


I have been a teacher for thirty years. For 29 of those years it has been my privilege to be a Catholic school teacher.  I am passionate about sharing the love of Jesus with the students and the families entrusted to me and helping both to be formed as Jesus’ disciples. I hope to draw my students into the beauty of their own existence as persons called into being by a loving God in whose image and likeness they are made. I want my students to deeply know their own loveliness, and to use that as the basis to see the loveliness of all others. I want to impart to my students that their identity is secure as beloved sons and daughters of God.  A God who has a wonderful plan for their lives that they will not invent but discover. I want to lead children to what is true and help them to order their lives according to that truth, which is Jesus Christ.


I live in Little Falls with my husband, Tony, who teaches math. We have four adult children who all attended Mary of Lourdes School. We feel fortunate that they were educated here.


I enjoy strong black coffee and wonderful literature. I also enjoy time spent with my family and friends. 



-We pray daily, introduce and practice a variety of forms of prayer. 

-Students are prepared to receive for the first time the sacraments of reconciliation and eucharist incorporating the Blessed series       

 through Dynamic Catholic. 


Language Arts: 

-Students are taught phonics skills, skills to decode words; comprehension, fluency, and accuracy strategies when reading and also     

  strategies to expand students’ vocabularies. 

-We teach about and read different genres of literature. We teach and practice writing and speaking.

-Students also learn spelling through the Fry List and through the Reading Street series. 



-We teach and practice addition and subtraction facts and also work with double digit numbers.  

-Students learn place value, naming and writing numbers up to 100,000, comparing and ordering numbers, using data as portrayed in

  graphs, geometry and fractions. 

-We emphasize using information to solve problems. 



-We cover geography skills using maps and globes. 

-Students learn about events and people from history, cultures around the world and economics focusing on how people use money 

  and resources to meet their needs and wants. 

-We learn about living in a community and responsible citizenship. 

-We learn about government, voting and leaders, and laws. 



-We teach and use the scientific method and its steps and procedures as we do a variety of experiments.

-Students learn to classify animals and categories of animals. 

-We learn about the life cycles of living things and habitats.

-We learn about body systems and how they work and are kept healthy.

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